VB.NET Teaching Modules

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Topic Assignment Demonstration program ?
Programs, programming languages and BASIC     ?
Programming terminology: objects Programming terminology Message output
Payroll program 1
Object terminology in the user interface     ?
Two languages Translating English to Geek Simple greeting program ?
Object terminology in the real world Describing real world objects in Geek   ?
Programmer-defined classes     ?
Selected properties of some classes of object     ?
Programming terminology: events Describing events in Geek
Describing events in Geek, 2
Describing events in Geek, 3
Move greeting
Append greeting
More events     ?
Non user events   stopwatch program
variable stopwatch program
Starting a new project     ?
The VS.NET development system The VS.NET Development System
Write your first program
First VB.NET program ?
Compiling     ?
Files the development system creates Starting a new project   ?
Graphical and character user interfaces     ?
Computer system components     ?
Automatically generated UI code User interface and files
Form properties
The Form1.VB file
Message output
Message output, UI only
First VB.NET program
ASCII codes     ?
Focus and tab index Focus and tab index Exit buttons
Exit buttons, UI only
Object names     ?
Program development steps External specification   ?
Event handlers using Object.Method statements First event handlers
Double greeting
Event handler demo
Two greeting program
The VS.NET Code window     ?
Event handlers using Assignment statements Greet and clear
Assign top
Assign text
Greet and clear
Label up-down
Color change
Assign text
Syntax notation     ?
Object.Method statement syntax     ?
Assignment statement syntax     ?
VB -- the third language Translating Geek to VB   ?
Many ways to write a program     ?
Sequential execution in multi-line event handlers Sequential execution one
Sequential execution two
Assign foreColor, backColor and text
Assign foreCcolor and backColor
Assign top, left and text
Object.method greeting program
Sequential execution demo
Assignment greeting program
Language and color
Move a label
RGB colors   RGB color model ?
TextBox mouse events Mouse event handlers TextBox mouse events
Mouse events with click
Data types     ?
Data type errors     ?
String expressions String expression values
Same values, string
String expressions
Same values, string
Using TextBoxes for user input Using a TextBox for input Interactive greeting
Numeric data types     ?
Data type conversion   Calculator with logical error
Calculator with Option Strict on
Numeric expressions with constants Numeric expression values
Same values, numeric
Numeric expression values
Same values, numeric
Variables     ?
Numeric expressions with variables   Numeric expressions with variables ?
User input for numeric values Payroll program
Arithmetic calculator
Addition program
Payroll calculator
String expressions with variables String expressions and variables String expression demo
String permutations
Using variables Alternative event handlers Addition program ?
Where to declare variables   Click counter ?
Algorithms Change for a dollar  
Types of error     ?
Variable scope Click counter
Variable scope
Scope demo 1
Scope demo 2
Scope demo 3
Click counter
Internal structure plan Internal structure plan
Coin counter
Payroll with tax and total pay
Coin counter
Planning an algorithm   Payroll with tax and total pay ?
Numeric literal types Numeric literal types   ?
Named constants     ?
Program generalization Payroll, fixed tax rate
Generalized payroll program
Generalized counting program
Payroll with constant tax
Generalized payroll with tax
Function methods of the String class String methods (string analysis) String methods
Text analysis
Function methods of the Math class Math functions Math method demo
Math methods
MessageBox, a class with shared methods and no user interface Message box with an overloaded method call Message box
Goofy title
Buttons and icon
Objects as property values     ?
Creating and assigning objects Assigning textbox size
Assigning form size
Change label Location
Change textbox size
Change form size
Discovering the properties and methods of a class     ?
Assigning fonts Assigning fonts
Font assignment
Assignment statements revisited     ?
Memory allocation when constructing a new object Describing objects in Geek   ?
Object variables of the Random class Average of random numbers Average of random numbers ?
Constructing new Randoms during execution     ?
Assigning images Assignment using images
Internal images
Assign images
Picture display without image files
Toolbox classes with no visual interface File selector Generalized image viewer
File selector
Conditional execution, If ... Then Conditional execution, friendly program Conditional execution, If ... Then
If ... then, friendly
Boolean expressions     ?
Conditional execution, If ... Then ... Else Conditional execution M/F
Conditional execution, ages
Conditional execution, overtime payroll
Conditional execution, If ... Then ... Else
Conditional execution, M/F
Payroll with overtime pay
Oldest of two people
Multi-term Boolean expressions Conditional execution, grammatical insult Multi-term Boolean expressions
Grammatically correct insult
Two ways to plan conditional execution Conditional execution, yes/no Do you like me? ?
Conditional execution, Case statement Case statement for birth dates Case, life stages
Case, academic advisor
Case, birthday
Validating user input Input validation Validate input when ready to process
Validate input upon entry
Algorithm with loops     ?
For ... Next loops Loop, greet user
Loop, compliment user
Inflexible loop
Flexible loop
Loop, greet the user
Loop, compliment the user
Do while loops Loop, one letter at a time Loop, one letter at a time ?
Do Until loops Loop, reverse a string
Loop, count
Loop, reverse a string
Loop, count ten times
Using loops     ?
Inserting breakpoints     ?
Interactive debugging windows     ?
An interactive debug session     ?
An immediate execution session     ?
Debug class Debug class   ?
ListBoxes   ListBox demonstration ?
The Form_Load event ListBox ListBox with adverb and adjective ?
Array terminology     ?
Array with constant subscripts   Array with constant subscripts ?
Array with variable subscripts Array, deal cards
Array with variable subscripts
Deal a card
Looping through an array Array display program
Singer poll
Array display
Array display forward/reverse
Singer popularity poll
File terminology     ?
Read and display a sequential file Numbered list Sequential file read
Numbered list of friends
Constructing new objects during execution     ?
Namespaces     ?
Read a sequential file with two fields Payroll report from a file List file with ages
Payroll file and report
Read a sequential file into an array Reverse an array Read sequential file into array
Array, forward and revered
Writing modular programs using functions Area function
Coin flip function
Function reuse
Payroll function demo
Area program
Coin flip program
Multiple coin flip program
Writing modular programs using subprograms Area subprogram
Card dealing subprogram
Payroll subprogram demo
area program
card dealing program
Modular program example     ?

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