Introduction to image processing

Topic Assignment
Presentation: Images characteristics
Presentation: Screens
Presentation: Copying Web images, the right mouse button  
Presentation: What is image processing?  
Presentation: An image processing session  
Presentation: Using  
Presentation: How to do a few things Cropping and resizing an image
Image processing practice
Photo for your blog
Presentation: Images and information Information destruction
Presentation: Image compression  
Presentation: Information loss in compression  
Presentation: Communicating with images, image purpose Create images
Presentation: Communicating with images, simple and complex  
Presentation: Including images in Web pages  
Presentation: The RGB color model  
Presentation: Encoding images  
Data types  
Image processing First image
Image processing
Image formats  
Saving and viewing the properties of images Image properties
Including images in HTML pages Include images
Attributes of the <img> tag Attributes of the <img> tag
Using an image in a link Image links
Specifying RGB colors  
Image compression demonstration  
Image compression Image compression
Impact of compression on download time
Student example  
Presentation: Student example -- good news/bad news  
Presentation: Compression with  
Information requires codes  
Image encoding  
Varying color depth Image encoding
Vector versus bit mapped or raster graphics Make a vector drawing
GIF variations  
Making transparent GIFs Transparent GIF
Image maps Image maps
Fancy logos and buttons  
Photo metadata  
Doctored photos  
Computer science research leads to commercial
products -- image and video editing examples
The future of image processing?  
Desktop and network-based resources  
Internet services for playing with images  
Faststone image viewer -- installable and portable  
Faststone batch photo processing -- installable and portable  
IfranView, a free image processing and viewing program  
Paint.NET, a major upgrade to Microsoft Paint  
GIMP -- open source image processing software  
Picasa, image organizer and limited editor that integrates with Picasa online  
ImageMagic, a free command-line image processor  
Digging deeper  
Image sharing with  
Image sharing with Picasa  
Survey of network-based image editors  
FotoFlexer, a network-based image editor  
Photoshop express, a network-based image editor  
Aviiary networked bit-map and vector image editors with a community  
Kuler: a color scheme design service with a community of users  
Piknik, a network-based image editor Internet-based editing