Network applications


Topic Assignment
Presentation: Course outline  
What is a network-based application? Post a note and photo on
Where is the program running? Types of application
Application characteristics  
Internet, intranet, extranet  
Selected Internet-based applications  
Another selection of Internet-based applications  
Synchronizing data for offline work  
Use a dedicated client or a browser? Configure and use an email client
Services for application developers  
Applications are at the edge of the network Internet tollbooths
Spoof water bill contest
Content is created at the edge of the network  
Why contribute content and what is the Gross Contributed Product? Contribute information
Hardware is connected at the edge of the network  
Helpful users are at the edge of the network Finding people with shared interests
Networks in the context of other media  
Clay Shirky: "How cell phones, Twitter, Facebook can make history" Watch and discuss Shirky's talk
Terrorists use the Net too  
Overview chapter (from Global Text)  
Market research firms as resources  
Presentation: FCC Broadband Workshop  
Presentation: Applications supporting collaboration Collaborative Twitter post
Collaborative blog post
Groupware: applications in support of cooperation Create class roster for CIS 275 or CIS 471
Vannevar Bush
Collaborative tools and applications
Presentation: Internet writing is important and different
Video: Internet writing is important and different
Presentation: Internet reading
Video: Internet reading
Presentation: Internet reading/writing zen
Presentation: Google Docs word processor
Video: Google Docs word processor
Video (2:50): Google Docs in Plain English
Presentation: Writing short documents
Video: Writing short documents (normal)
Video: Writing short documents (fast)
The Google Docs word processor
Presentation: Writing conversational documents
A frustrating, ineffective email conversation
Video: Writing conversational documents
Video: Writing conversational documents (10% faster)
Conversation using a blog comment
Analyze an email exchange
Presentation: Collaborative writing  
Google Docs facilitates collaboration Google spreadsheets facilitate collaboration
Survey design note
Survey design presentation
Survey design audio (PM class)
Survey design audio (AM class)
Survey mechanics presentation
Survey mechanics video (large)
Survey mechanics video (small)
Background survey
Survey creation mechanics
Conduct a survey
Privacy video
Privacy presentation
Privacy presentation audio
Google Spreadsheets is a development platform Create a network spreadsheet
Synchronous collaboration -- working in different places at the same time  
Communication symmetry  
Email and list servers
Presentation: List servers (listservs)
Subscribe to the class email list
Subscribe to an email list
Presentation: Internet search
Presentation: Search engine ranking
Web search
Improving search rank
How Internet search works  
Writing on the Internet  
Screen sharing Co-author a short document
Presentation: RSS, real simple syndication  
Presentation: Using Google's RSS reader Subscribe to blog and Twitter RSS feeds
Presentation: What is a wiki? Wiki familiarization
A collaborative, composite document
Presentation: Evolution of a wiki  
Presentation: Using wikispaces  
Presentation: Citizen journalism  
Presentation: Umlaut wiki changes  
Ward Cunningham interview on the wiki  
Co-authoring -- beyond the unstructured wiki  
RSS: real simple syndication Subscribe to the RSS feed of a blog
An excellent source of IS information
RSS everywhere  
Presentation: What is a blog?
Audio: What is a blog? (AM)
Audio: What is a blog? (PM)
Subscribe to a blog by email
Familiarity with a blog
Describe a blog post
Posting images on a blog
Rewrite and tweet blog post summary
Comment on a blog
Modify your blog
Blog post with permalinks
Contribute to a community of common interest
Presentation: creating a blog
Presentation: posting to a blog
Presentation: change the layout and appearance
Blog applications and platforms Create a blog and write a post
Blog application
Adding page elements to a blog Add blog page elements
Adding an RSS feed to a blog Adding an RSS feed to a blog
Sample RSS feed  
Micro blogging Micro blogging with Twitter
Sharing images Creating images
Sharing images on Flickr
A collaborative image collection
Image contest
Applications of image sharing
Data organization and retrieval  
Problems with tags  
Sharing documents Document sharing assignment contest
Wikis: user editable documents
Presentation: Using a wiki
Wiki familiarization
Class session wiki
Create a wiki
Compiled vs co-authored wikis Contribute to a compiled document
Structured/unstructured documents
Create a co-authored wiki
Evolution of a wiki -- Jon Udell's umlaut video Wiki edit history
Social bookmarking Social bookmarking using tags
Wikipedia evaluation survey results  
Hosted presentations Narrated slide show
Composite applications: mashups  
The social and corporate value of Internet services  
A blog mashup: adding text to speech  
A blog mashup: modifying the template Add a mashup to your blog
Rating, identity and reputation Add post rating to your blog
Threaded discussion forums Begin a threaded discussion
Threaded discussion
Product support -- a forum example  
Google apps: hosted online identity Create a hosted online identity
Searching for information and people Text versus tag search
Photo metadata  
Social networks  
Virtual worlds  
Hosted applications: software as a service Image processing service
Good practice -- what to do when a service goes down  
Class roster using a form-creation service  
Micropayment for storage service  
Mobile applications  
Location-based applications Playing with location
Class map
Location-based services
Web service
Real time location tracking  
Willingness to collaborate  
Open source applications  
Intellectual property  
Off shoring  
Political applications  
Developing nations presentation  
Edited version of Hole in Space  
Early Internet video examples  
Andy Carvin on video recording and compression  
Changing data types  
Falling content publication cost  
Faster, cheaper and easier application development  
Zoho vs ASP  
Abstraction levels are rising Roster application comparison
Falling stocking and distribution cost: "long tail" applications  
Job loss in the long tail: from professional to amateur  
Falling content creation cost  
Falling bandwidth cost  
Desktop-Internet integration  
Commoncraft -- a business made possible by the Internet  
A little history  
Application platform evolution  
NANOG predictions for 2010  
Ray Kurzweil  

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